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28 Signs That You Are From CT and a New Yorkers View

Last week, Julia Albini, a writer for, wrote an article entitled "28 Signs That You Are From CT". Since I am originally from New York and moved to Connecticut 14 years ago, I wanted to see how integrated I am now. I thought I had mixed into the CT tapestry pretty well. But as I read the list, I began to wonder if everything about me screams, "I'M FROM NEW YORK!" All I can think of is in the movie "My Cousin Vinny" when Marisa Tomei says to Joe Pesci, "Yeah, you blend!"

I took each point that Julia Albini made and, well, ok ok, my New York attitude came out.

1. You've been referred to as a "Nutmegger."

Hello! This is totally not a compliment. Did you know that the reason CT is "The Nutmeg State" is because nutmeg was a sort of snake oil back in the day and people sold it knowing that it was not a miracle spice? Being known as a "Nutmegger" is implying that you're not exactly a model neighbor.

2. Running to the "packie" doesn't mean the post office.

I've lived in CT since 2002 and I still have a problem with this one. My husband, a native CTer (after number 1, I certainly shouldn't refer to him as a "Nutmegger") always uses this term and I always have to stop and figure out what the heck he is talking about because it makes no sense! "Honey, I'll stop at the packie and pick up a bottle of wine." Great, can you bring home some stamps too?

3. You know New Haven pizza is better than New York pizza.

Bwahahahahahaha, yeah ok, I'm not even going to dignify this with a comment.

4. But you would never ask your parents if you could go to Toad's Place because you knew the answer was no.

Good thing you kids didn't ask your parents if you could go to The Rising Sun on Yonkers Avenue in Yonkers. You'd be under house arrest for several months.

5. You go apple picking every fall because there's finally something to do.

One of the reasons NYers think CTers are adorable.

6. You're either a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan, there's no in between.

As I go through this list I realize that I am wearing my Mike Piazza jersey and also realize here's something that no CTer understands. While I am a bigger Yankee fan than Met fan, I consider myself a NY fan, and yes it's a thing! Also, did you notice that the list writer said "Yankees fan" and I wrote "Yankee fan"? Since I'm from New York and grew up about 20 minutes from Yankee Stadium, I win.

7. If you went to a private school, you could get away with wearing Sperry's.

In NY-Not even if you were dead.

8. You listen to Elvis Duran every morning on your way to school/work.

I'm sorry....who? When I first saw this I thought that numbers 8 and 15 were somehow mixed up. This should read "You listen to I95 every morning on your way to school/work. You'll see what I mean when you get to number 15.

9. Whether you like country music or not, you've been to at least one concert at the Meadows.

I don't even know what that is.

10. You've experienced all four seasons in one week.

How about one day?

11. You had Uconn Husky gear at some point of your life, whether you were a basketball fan or not.

I have a jersey and a doormat. Does that count?

12. You eat your lobster roll with butter, not mayo.

Mayo on lobster? Gross!

13. You've spent your summers as a kid at Quassy or Lake Compounds.

Does this really say "Lake Compounds"? Is this a place where lakes get together? Even I know it's "Lake Compounce." Did a Nutmegger write this list?

14. You drive well over an hour to go to the beach.

....and when you get there, it's still not Jones Beach so what's the point? Jones Beach has waves.

15. You avoid I-95 at all costs.

See number 8, this should read "You avoid Elvis Duran at all costs.

16. You're referred to as living in "the state near New York."

More like where you live is "the next town up from Westchester you know where Danbury is? No? How about Greenwich?" And go from there.

17. You're in constant fear of hitting a deer driving at night.

This one is pretty accurate. Yes, there are deer in NY but maybe they also have our famous NY attitude. Can't you just see a NY deer asking, "you want a piece of me?" That's why they don't get hit like CT deer. I actually once had a deer hit me in Brookfield, CT.

18. High school parties consisted of beer by the fire in the woods.

Tsk tsk tsk poor CT kids. NY kids had the Atlantic or the Hudson.

19. But if your nights didn't end in the woods, you probably wound up at the diner.

In NY, we always ended up at the diner. Where else do you get fries with gravy and a chocolate egg cream at 2am. And please don't ask what an egg cream is.

20. Everyone expects you to be a snob when you tell them where you're from.


21. You drove a Jeep growing up.

My first car was a 1971 black Buick Riviera with a 455 engine. My next was a 1974 Camaro. My brother still has (yes, present tense) his 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner and 1970 Super Sport Chevelle. We think your Jeep is cute.

22. Either you or one of your neighbors own a Lab or Golden Retriever.

My NY neighbors had German Shepherds and Irish Setters. I'm not exactly sure what that means.

23. You know of at least one haunted house in every town near you.

Have you heard of Amityville? That probably trumps every haunted house in CT combined.

24. You consider yourself a much better driver than New Yorkers. -BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

25. All your field trips growing up were historical.


26. At least one of your friends has a boat.

I need new friends!

27. You don't understand how people can't spell Connecticut.

Try Poughkeepsie! Then try to not know how to spell it. It can't be done.

28. You never realized how much love you have for your state until you leave it.

As a transplanted NYer, you realize how much you love CT and there's really only two reasons that you ever think of leaving: 1. Taxes (no, not Texas, taxes) and 2. the older you get the more you hate winter.


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