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7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe, Happy and Healthy This July 4th

The first official summer holiday is almost here. While you are planning your Fourth of July festivities, we have 7 important tips to help keep your pets safe, happy and healthy all summer long.

1. Don’t feed picnic foods – Any change in your pet’s diet can cause gastrointestinal issues. Do you really want to put your pet through that just because he’s begging for some coleslaw? Plus, there are foods that humans can consume with no problem which can be lethal to your pet. We all know that chocolate is toxic to animals but did you know that salt, onions and even grapes can be deadly?

2. Keep alcohol away from your pets- It’s easy to forget about a festive mixed drink, an innocent tray of Jell-O shots, or a fruity pitcher of Sangria that you have put out for your guests to enjoy. What you don’t want to forget is that your dog wants everything that you’re having and you’re cat is a curious little creature. They also don’t tolerate alcohol very well.

3. Only use pet-friendly sunscreen -While sunscreen is super important for humans, it can be very harmful to your pet. If you plan on applying sunscreen to your pet, always check to make sure that it is specifically formulated to use on animals.

4. That goes for bug spray too – Ugh those nasty little…buggers! I mean, I never met anyone who liked mosquitos. Once again, if you are thinking of using insect repellent on your pet, make sure it is pet-safe. There is a lot that goes into those formulas and some of the ingredients, like DEET, can cause neurological issues.

5. Keep pets away from tiki torches, citronella candles and fire pits – While festive and useful to keep those bugs away, these things can be extremely dangerous for your pet. If your pet will be outside with you, make sure that they cannot get near any type of flame, lighter, matches or fluid.

6. Glow sticks are a glow-no – Oh these are soooo much fun! But while the glowing liquid contained within is usually non-toxic, the plastic piece that contains it can get lodged in your dog’s intestine if he decides to play luminescent catch with one. Your pets are sparkly enough, keep the glow sticks away from them!

7. Don’t use fireworks, get some festive lights instead – We could spend a long time on fireworks alone. First of all, they are super dangerous and the stuff they are made of can be toxic if ingested. But something that some people seem to overlook is the stress that fireworks cause pets. Loud explosions frighten animals and lead to lost pets who are trying to escape what they thought was their safe haven until all the noise came in. Instead, be festive and put up red, white and blue lights in your yard. Think of it this way: lights last all night and you can keep them year after year while fireworks is like setting your well earned money on fire and watching it go up in smoke. Get some lights.


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