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How to Refinish an Old Table With Chalk Paint - I Am Obsessed

I had been looking for a table for our hallway but everything that sort of caught my eye was way more than I wanted to spend. But all that changed the day I walked into Goodwill, saw this table for $12 and my refurbishing obsession was born.

Don't be insulted if you like the color and I tell you that I absolutely hated it. We don't all have the same likes and dislikes. Ugh, I really, reeaaalllyyy hated this color. But I loved the shape and size of the table. I thought, what the heck, for 12 bucks, let me try to refinish it with chalk paint. How hard could it be?

I know, I know...those are really bad words to say before starting any project. However, off to the craft store I went to buy this stuff called "Chalk Paint." I bought three small bottles in different ocean colors and a bottle of chalk paint wax to seal the deal. Total cost = $16 and there's plenty of paint left to paint anything else in my house that I feel needs a bit of a chalky, beachy touch.

I am totally obsessed with this table and can't stop looking at it. This was my first refinishing project and I can tell you that 4 years later, I am still bewitched by my table. The paint has held up beautifully, probably because of the protective coating of wax.This project took about three hours from start to finish. So, while the hubby watched the Yankee game, I was right there in the living room with him refinishing this table.Take a look:


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